Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

The internationally-acclaimed Asian Rhinoplasty a very popular procedure to resize and reshape the nose, is one of the signature surgeries of Dr. Lee Myung Ju . Dr. Lee is also well-known for pioneering the breakthrough surgery technique, the Harmony Rhinoplasty and Golden Line Full Autologous procedure, which is safe, effective and highly sought-after. This procedure is done to achieve an improved appearance and enhance the facial harmony in relation to other features, such as width and length of the face, forehead and chin for a better facial balance.
Dr. Lee has spent a considerable amount of time learning and conducting the most advanced rhinoplasty techniques in the world today. Due to his vast experience in this field, Dr. Lee prefers to use the patient’s own tissues in rhinoplasty surgeries. The harvesting of cartilage from parts of the rib and ear often produces more than satisfactory aesthetic results which look very natural. Although these procedures tend to take a longer time, patients can be rest assured that there are no foreign substances in their noses, and that they are less likely to face any adverse effects in the short and long term.
Other surgical procedures include treatment for short and damaged noses and nose straightening so that one can achieve ideal facial symmetry and look forward to new confidence and opportunities. Men would find the nose jobs useful too, and risks can be minimised with our autologous methods. In many cases, the ongoing pursuit of beauty, function and perfection has been the basis for further cosmetic enhancement, and revisions are available to meet the patient’s new expectations.